became Senior Pastor in 1988 under the direction of his father W.W. Thomas founder of Abundant Life Christian Centre, Margate FL. He was consecrated as Bishop in 2007 through the International Congress of Charismatic Churches, and heads an international network of churches and ministries. Bishop Thomas' weekly television show, “Seeds for Life,” is broadcast in South Florida, Chicago, and soon N.Y. City. Seedtime and harvest is his lifestyle—one that is producing a legacy of souls for the Kingdom and helping countless people to prosper in every area of their lives.

In addition Bishop Thomas travels the world with this message and impacts lives through teachings, seminars, and conferences such as "Power to Prosper". With resources translated in many languages, including (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai) Bishop Rick is able to equip and train the next generation to walk in successful principles for daily living. 

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After the biggest battle Heaven had ever seen,
God had to deal with a void—a barren wasteland,
an inky darkness, a universe in chaos.
What did He do to bring life out of the void
and what can you do to bring life out of yours?
No matter where your void exists—poverty, sickness,
relationships, addictions, self-image—this book contains truths that will make you free.

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